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We pay great attention to the appearance and fit of our dentures so that patients are happy with their appearance as well as enjoy the freedom to eat and smile at will. At Crosby Dental, Liverpool we work with some of the best technicians in the UK to make complete sets of dentures as well as partial dentures to replace missing teeth, that look beautiful and fit with your smile.

Modern cosmetic dentures are very different from dentures of old, they fit well, stay in securely, and can be customised to look exactly how you wish - go for a natural look or a youthful Hollywood look, the choice is yours.

Dentures can help you to:

  • Feel confident with your smile.
  • Eat your favourite foods.
  • Choose what you want from the menu.
  • Not finish last at each meal time.

This is why you can trust us

✔Local family run practice
✔Excellent with nervous or anxious patients
✔Over 30 years experience

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Modern cosmetic dentures

The old image of dentures brings to mind an ugly, clunky set of false teeth but this is no longer true. Dentures are now much lighter, discreet and comfortable and look and function in the same way as your natural teeth. If you are missing a number of teeth, we are able to bring back your smile with a set of our natural looking dentures. Our dentures are so advanced that the old worries of loose teeth, lisping speech and affected diet are no longer valid, and you can continue to live your life as normal.

We custom make and fit our dentures to your mouth and gums, so they sit perfectly and function properly, without causing you pain or discomfort. We do this by creating an impression of your teeth, which will be the guideline for your brand new dentures. Once they have been made we ensure that they are the best-fit possible and that you are completely comfortable with your new smile.

Is you are still unsure about dentures there is also the option of dental implants with dentures, which our welcoming staff are more than happy to advise upon.

If you would are looking for dentures in Liverpool, use the contact on this page or phone our team today to determine your dental health solution.

Denture FAQs

We get asked lots of questions about dentures, we've included some of the common answers here:

What are the alternatives to dentures?

If you wish to replace missing teeth and have no teeth standing then dental implants could be the perfect option for you. On top of the implant, you could either have a denture, or a dental bridge. If you have standing teeth and they are not too far apart, then a dental bridge may be a possibility. Here's an article we wrote about choosing between dental bridges or dental implants.


How to clean dentures

We always recommend cleaning your dentures over a sink filled with water. This means that if you drop your dentures into the sink. They have a soft landing! We also don't recommend using regular toothpaste as this can be quite abrasive and might wear the plastic away on your dentures. The best way to clean dentures is the use a denture cleaner in a home ultrasonic bath, these can be readily purchased online.

Can dentures be fitted to receding gums

If you have standing teeth with receding gums then dentures can be made to fill the gaps and match the receding gums of your natural teeth. This gives a really natural look. If you have no teeth and your gums receding, this means you have bone loss, a natural phenomenon as we age. Dentures can be fitted in this instance, although you might find that stabilisation with dental implants is the best outcome.

How to make your dentures fit better

Loose dentures can be a real problem for many people. One of the keys to having dentures fit better is to ensure you visit the dentist regularly. You might think that if you have no teeth, then there's no need to visit the dentist. However, because your gums will change shape over the years it means your dentures begin to not fit quite so well. Ideally, your dentures should have the maximum contact with your gums, if your gums are moving then this can put pressure in small areas and cause not only ulcers and sore spots, but will reduce the suction that your denture has resulting in it feeling loose and wobbly.

How to remove plaque from dentures

The best way to do this is to use a denture cleaning, tablet dissolved in water and then ideally placed into an ultrasonic bath. Avoid picking of the plaque with an instrument as you might damage the acrylic on the denture. Ideally, the best thing to do is to prevent the plaque from building up in the first place by keeping your dentures clean.

Your mouth has a natural biofilm which forms over the surface of your teeth and dentures, this biofilm is sticky in nature and needs to be cleaned every day. If the biofilm isn't cleaned every day then it can harden and become plaque. The trick is to remove the biofilm at the end of each day with adequate cleaning.

What are dentures made of

Dentures can be made from a variety of materials, let's look at the denture base before we look at the teeth. A denture base can be made from:

  • Polymethylemethacrylate Acrylic resin. This is the most common material to make dentures from.
  • Cobalt Chrome. This is a thin chrome coloured metal. Chrome dentures are much more delicate and thinner than acrylic dentures, meaning they are more comfortable. Chrome dentures also have a tendency to transform a little more heat sensation through to the palate giving them a more natural feel. The metal will always be covered with gum coloured acrylic resin on the parts you see.
  • Thermoplastic nylon material. These are what are known as flexible dentures, they are thinner than acrylic resin dentures and because they are flexible and can often feel more comfortable.

Denture teeth are almost exclusively made from Polymethylemethacrylate Acrylic resin, these are then bonded onto the denture base to create a natural looking denture.

How should dentures fit in your mouth

Dentures shou dentures should rely exclusively should fit comfortably in your mouth and should have the maximum contact with the soft tissue (gum.)Full dentures rely exclusively on suction to stay in (unless they are stabilised with dental implants), partial dentures rely on clasping hold of standing teeth with clasps. These clasps can be made from the thermoplastic nylon material, stainless steel or even gold.

Are bottom dentures hard to wear

Often dentures can be less stable than top dentures. Top dentures usually go across the roof of your mouth, and this is where the primary suction and stabilisation comes from. Lower dentures don't benefit from this stabilisation.

However, lower dentures can be made easier to wear by stabilising with dental implants.


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