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Dental Hygiene Appointments

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For a fresh and clean smile

Our hygienist, who works closely with our dentists, plays an important role at Crosby Dental, Liverpool. Patients are offered a thorough clean and polish and our hygienists will design a specific programme to match your needsThey may chat to you about diet and demonstrate up to date cleaning techniques and recommend brushes so you reach the more awkward spaces!

Also available are:

  • advanced hygiene treatments for gums
  • treatments for tooth sensitivity
  • coatings (fissure sealants) on children’s teeth to protect them from decay
  • deep teeth cleaning

Dental cleanings

Dental hygienist

A clean at the dentist is unlike anything you can achieve at home and will have your teeth feeling smooth and renewed, with a glossy smile that is sure to dazzle. Not only will this enhance the look of your teeth it will also enhance your oral health and keep your teeth in top condition.

Brushing your teeth for the recommended two minutes a day with regular tooth flossing, can only go so far in maintaining the health of your mouth and teeth. Hard to reach areas within the mouth means that plaque can collect, leading to dull, stained teeth. More worrying is the potential for serious conditions such as gum disease if good oral hygiene isn't managed.

A helping hand at the dentist

Our Liverpool teeth cleaning clinic has a highly skilled, experienced dental hygienist on hand to help and with a thorough cleaning treatment to remove plaque, bacteria and lift surface stains, you will be left with nothing but a sparkling, healthy smile.

Continued cleaning treatments are a great way to maintain a wonderful smile but also help reduce dental health risks such as tooth decay and gum disease.

The cleaning procedure is pain-free, under an hour and we also provide periodontal treatment for any tougher problems.

This is why you can trust us

✔Local family run practice
✔Excellent with nervous or anxious patients
✔Over 30 years experience

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Google Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have coeliacs disease; before I was diagnosed I experienced some awful symptoms for a number of years. I lost a considerable amount of weight (five stones plus), developed anaemia, became lethargic, lacked motivation and suffered depression.
At this time I was failing to absorb any nutrients, vitamins and minerals; I began to shed enamel from my teeth and lost several of them. I learned to mask my embarrassment by literally smiling through gritted teeth (what there was of them) and have forgotten how to smile.
I recently registered with Dr. Peter Doyle at Crosby Dental Practice and the images below showcase his fantastic work. I am not embarrassed to share these, Peter and his team have helped transform me and given me my smile back 😁 I haven't quite got the hang of the full-on joyfulness thing as yet but I am enjoying the practice. ;-) This has been the best investment I ever made and my teeth are amazing - thanks to Peter Doyle and his team"
-Terry Hindle

The teeth cleaning song

We know that lots of parents find it easier to help children clean their teeth. If they have a teeth cleaning song to keep them motivated and most importantly keep them timed to the 2-minutes.


and for adults, you may find this teeth cleaning song by the singing dentist a little more amusing, again, it lasts 2 mins.

Teeth Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions about teeth cleaning, so we've put the most common ones here.

How to clean stained teeth

The real trick to cleaning stained teeth is to understand why they sustain. Your mouth naturally has bacteria and this bacteria live in what's known as a biofilm. The biofilm is a sticky layer, which forms over your teeth every day. If this sticky layer is left in place then it has a tendency to harden. As it hardens it becomes for the more difficult to remove from your teeth and, because it has a porous surface, it picks up stains, very quickly. If you have very stained teeth, it is likely that it's because this biofilm has formed into a hard layer called plaque and it is this that has stained.

You might be able to remove some areas of plaque from your teeth with a toothpick available from most chemists, although be careful not to damage your delicate gum as you do this.

Please also avoid using things like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. There are lots of memes around the Internet about these liquids being good for cleaning teeth. The problem is they are acidic and this acid can attack the surface of your teeth, giving the bacteria in your mouth a good place to live, multiply and then cause additional cavities.

The best way to clean your teeth is the use a good quality toothpaste, clean your teeth twice per day for 2 min each time and clean in between your teeth using either floss or an interdental brush

How to clean your own teeth like a hygienist

When you clean your teeth at home keep your brush at a 45° angle to the gum, split your mouth into 4 quadrants, upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left and take 30 seconds per quadrant to brush your teeth. Then take some dental floss or an interdental brush and make sure you clean in between your teeth.

how to brush teeth like a hygienist

After each meal wait 20 minutes to give time for the acid attack from the food to subside and then rinse your mouth with fluoride containing mouthwash. Don't use mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth as toothpaste contains a higher amount of fluoride (which can help to harden your teeth), if you rinse with mouthwash then you effectively rinse off some of the beneficial fluoride.

a dental hygienist has the added advantage of being able to use a dental mirror to see the backs of your teeth and areas which you can't. They also will use an ultrasonic scaler which is able to clean far more effectively than any form of manual toothbrush.

We also recommend using an electric toothbrush. Because an electric toothbrush vibrates and oscillates it is able to send those vibrations underneath the gum and therefore clean deeper finally you can with a traditional manual toothbrush.

Follow these tips each day to clean your own teeth like hygienist and then visit the dental hygienist at least once per year for a deeper clean and for them to check that you are cleaning your teeth adequately each day.

Does chewing gum clean teeth

No. However, during sugarfree gum does stimulate the flow of saliva in your mouth. This saliva can help to neutralise the acid attack which naturally happens after you eat. Therefore, chewing sugarfree gum after every meal can help to reduce cavities by neutralising this acid.

How to clean back of teeth

Cleaning the back of teeth can be very difficult. Our best advice is to always use an electric toothbrush and start in the most difficult to reach area, usually the back of your teeth. By starting to clean your teeth in the difficult area it means we then have a tendency to clean this area a little bit better. Cleaning the back of teeth can also be difficult because we can't actually see what we're doing, this is why visiting a dental hygienist for professional cleaning and advice is vital to maintain good oral health.


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