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Nervous patients or dental phobia

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We understand that for some patients, coming for a dental appointment can be a little nerve-racking. Many patients experience extreme fear of the dentist or fear of dental treatment.

Our experienced dentists, nurses and receptionists like to make sure that all of our patients, (young and old) feel comfortable during their treatment with us. We often find that our team's friendly and gentle approach is enough to help a patient feel at ease - sometimes a friendly face and someone who really listens to your concerns is just the ticket.

How to get over dental phobia

A true phobia can be completely debilitating as it prevents people doing the things they need or want to do. If you experience this, we understand it can be totally overwhelming and dominate your thoughts for weeks prior to having to visit the dentist.

Here are a few tips and tricks to overcome dental fear, anxiety or phobia.

  1. Talk to us. Let us know exactly how much this affects your life. Be honest. Your dentist will never judge and are here to help you look after your teeth.
  2. Think about what might help you. Would it help if we met you outside and walked in with you? Would it help if you didn't sit in the dental chair the first time? Would it help if we promised absolutely NOT to undertake any treatment at the first appointment? Some of these things may be triggers for you, others may not, however, think about what you would ideally like to happen and let us know.
  3. Book an appointment early in the morning. This way it gives you less time on the day of the appointment to spend worrying.
  4. Come with a friend. A friend can help distract you and talk to you. Decide on discussion topics before you attend, this can then help keep the conversation going.
  5. Avoid alcohol. It might seem like it relaxes you, it can however make decision-making more difficult and can exacerbate the situation.

Dental sedation

If you are scared of the dentist, but need treatment, then dental sedation may be able to help. Sedation is great for anyone that is terrified of the dentist as it helps you to relax whilst you drift off into your own world during treatment. It's often the way that our Liverpool dentist, Dr Peter Doyle is so calming and relaxing that dental sedation isn't required, however, if you feel sedation is for you, please do talk to our reception team and we can provide more information.

Patient Feedback:

"I was terrified of dentists and discovered this practice searching for a sedation option which was offered but after seeing Peter I was able to undergo extensive treatment including an extraction with just his assurance, understanding and TLC."

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