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Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is a treatment to save diseased or infected teeth.

For many people the simple mention of root canal treatment will send them into a cold sweat but here at our Liverpool practice we treat the majority of cases in one visit. Root canal treatment is one of the most important treatments for preventing tooth extraction and can also save you from the costs of further dental procedures. Root canal treatments can also help avoid dental emergencies if they are treated as part of a routine dental health care regime.

You may require root canal treatment if your tooth is damaged or infected and in most cases having this treatment can help save your tooth. If you leave a tooth in this infected condition, without treatment you could end up losing the tooth but this will always be the last resort we turn to.

what is a root canal

What is a root canal

The root canal of your tooth is where the blood supply and nerves coming to the choose to keep it alive. This can sometimes become infected or inflamed due to dental disease.

Unless inflammation or infection is removed you may experience discomfort which could lead to an abscess and further pain. Your dentist will take out the damaged tissue, refill and reseal the roots of the tooth. This will prevent future infection and damage. Because the tooth will be fragile we recommend it is crowned afterwards to maintain strength.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is needed when infected pulp and bacteria run through the tooth and the procedure is used to removed this damaging material. Once this pulp has been removed, a deep clean will be performed upon the tooth and a crown will be bonded to the tooth to ensure its strength and functionality. Without removal of this infected pulp an abscess could form, this can be incredibly painful and it could lead to more widespread problems of infections around the body.

We understand that such a procedure can cause anxiety and nerves in many patients and so all our staff are highly trained in helping nervous patients and will do everything they can to give you a stress-free and comfortable visit.

If you are looking for root canal treatment in Liverpool, please contact us at Crosby Village Dental Practice to book an appointment.

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How long does a root canal take

It usually takes anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1.5 hours for root canal, depending on exactly which tooth it is. Your front teeth only have a single root canal whilst back teeth have 3. Root canal treatments are also usually undertaken in 2 appointments. The first appointment will remove the infected tooth tissue and pack the area. Subsequent appointments will then be used to restore the tooth, if required.

Do root canals hurt

It is a common misconception that root canal treatment hurts, it's usually the complete opposite. Root canal treatments can be used to remove infected pulp which may be causing extreme pain. The procedure is always done using a local anaesthetic so you won't feel a thing, and afterwards, the pain that was there will be gone.

Can you eat after a root canal

After any dental treatment it's important to be aware of the trauma that may have been caused the teeth. Root canal treatment is quite traumatic thing to do the teeth and so sensitivity of the surrounding area may be increased for a few days. Immediately after the root canal treatment it's important that you wait a few hours before eating anything in order to allow the anaesthetic to wear off. Accidentally biting your tongue or lip can cause further damage which is to be avoided.

Once you have sensation back you can begin eating soft foods which we advise you then stick to for the next couple of days. Particularly avoid very hard or sticky foods as well is very hot drinks as this can trigger sensitivity.

Root canal dentist in Liverpool

If you're looking for a root canal dentist near you in Liverpool, here are travel times from local areas to our practice:

  • City centre Liverpool, 30 min
  • Waterloo, 12 min
  • Blundellsands, 10 min
  • Formby, 16 min
  • Bootle, 19 min



Common questions about root canal treatment:

What should you eat after root canal?

We recommend you stick to soft foods such as:

  • Fruit like mangoes, bananas and peaches
  • Drinks such as fruit smoothies
  • Soup
  • Mashed potato
  • Avocado
  • Porridge
  • Eggs
  • Tofu

What should I avoid after root canal?

We recommend you avoid:

  • Any food for the first couple of hours until the anaesthetic has worn off
  • Very hot and very cold drinks for the first day
  • Sticky or very hard food for approximately 3 days

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?

The pain which you have prior to the root canal should be done immediately. Recovery will then be quick, the anaesthetic will wear off after approximately 1 hour and you should be able to treat any mild ache after with over-the-counter painkillers.

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