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At Crosby Dental, we understand the impact that a crooked, gappy or wonky smile can have on your confidence. Our principal dentist, Dr Peter Doyle is passionate about tooth straightening with braces for teeth, and cosmetic dentistry and can offer a range of orthodontic options for adults which include traditional braces as well as invisible and ‘ fast’ systems including Invisalign (clear aligners), Inman Aligners, Damon Braces and 6 Month Smiles.


Traditional metal braces are ugly, bulky and are attached for long periods of time but at our Liverpool Invisalign clinic this innovative teeth straightening treatment has changed all that for the better.

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Damon Braces

These revolutionary new braces offer the perfect way to have conventional orthodontics with clear brackets and wires, the perfect solution for comfortable braces.

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Inman Aligner

This revolutionary orthodontic system is able to correct front tooth problems in around six weeks

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6 Month Smiles

This fixed braces orthodontic system uses clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to straight in front teeth in around six months.

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We often get asked many questions about orthodontists and teeth straightening, so here are a few of those common questions and answers:

How to straighten teeth

It is actually quite easy to move teeth, all that is required is a continuous pressure on them and they will move. The difficult part is moving them so they are not only straight but fit together in order to function well, this is known as your occlusion. Your teeth are in fine balance with one another, the top teeth meet the bottom teeth in a very specific way which enables your jaw to move left and right on a very precise arc of movement. If this arc of movement is disrupted then it can cause jaw joint problems and headaches.

How long do braces take to straighten teeth?

Different race systems work on different principles. Some orthodontic braces work only on the front teeth and because front teeth have smaller roots than back teeth, they moved quicker. The Inman Aligner can move teeth in around 12 weeks, whilst Invisalign might take longer, anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Can a retainer straighten teeth?

No. A retainer does exactly what the name suggests, it retains your teeth in their current position following orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic braces are active (moving your teeth) whilst retainers are passive (retaining your teeth). However, many people tend to use the words 'braces' and 'retainers' interchangeably but this is not strictly correct.

Can teeth be straighten at any age?

Yes. It wasn't that long ago that only children were considered for orthodontics, however with modern advances in techniques it is now possible to straighten teeth for adults and children alike. The only restriction is the health of the teeth which can deteriorate with age.

Can retainers straighten teeth without braces?

No. Retainers do not move teeth at all, they retain them in their position after braces have moved teeth.

Is there a way to straighten your teeth without braces?

Yes. When people talk about braces the first thing that comes to mind is fixed metal brackets and wires. It is now possible to straighten teeth without having this type of brace by using clear aligners. Clear aligners are virtually imperceptible and many people prefer them to conventional braces.

Do home teeth straightening kits work?

Yes and no. Home teeth straightening kits will certainly move your teeth and they might look straighter. The key question is, is your occlusion maintained? Will your teeth still meet in the correct position so that the arc of movement of your jaw is unaffected? Your jaw moves in a very specific arc, left and right. If this movement is not allowed to happen in the way that is right for you and your body then jaw joint pain can result. another problem with home teeth straightening kits is the lack of dental visits. Teeth straightening should only be undertaken on healthy teeth. If you try to move teeth which have any form of decay or gum disease this can be exacerbated by wearing home teeth straightening kits. To straightening should only ever be undertaken with the direct supervision of a dentist orthodontist.

Stainless steel braces, are they good?

Stainless steel braces for teeth often give a dentist or orthodontist the widest range of options to straighten teeth. Stainless steel brackets are bonded to your teeth, a wire is then attached from bracket to bracket, tooth to tooth. This wire is put under tension and it is this tension which straightened your teeth.

The biggest problem with stainless steel braces is that people like braces for teeth that are clear or unnoticeable. This certainly isn't the case with stainless steel braces.

This is why many patients now opt for one of the more invisible orthodontic options, such as Invisalign.

Clinically, stainless steel braces are an excellent way to straighten crooked teeth, they just don't look particularly attractive.

Is there any way to straighten teeth in one day?

Yes. However we would give the illusion of straightness rather than actual straightness! Orthodontic braces straighten teeth by moving the whole tooth, this includes the root of the tooth and the part of tooth you see. It is however possible to straighten teeth in one day by using a technique known as composite bonding. Composite bonding applies a tooth coloured resin to the surface of your teeth to straighten them and make them look even.

Cosmetic composite veneers/bonding are a highly skilled treatment provided by a cosmetic dentist.


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