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Teeth Whitening

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A whiter shade of pale?

Tooth Whitening is an effective way to brighten stained or discoloured teeth. The procedure is safe, simple, and more affordable than ever. For these reasons, whitening has become very popular here at Crosby Dental. We use Philips Zoom tooth whitening systems and recommend custom-made trays supplied by us with whitening gel which you use progressively over a few weeks until you reach the shade you are happy with.

The preferred tooth whitening system at Crosby Dental are home whitening kits.

We make moulds of your teeth so we can provide you with custom made trays and also supply you with whitening gel which you place in the trays. These are worn until you achieve the shade you are happy with.

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Common questions about teeth whitening

How to whiten teeth

Teeth can be whitened in a couple of ways.

  • in surgery whitening
  • home whitening

In surgery whitening offers rapid teeth whitening treatments but comes at a higher cost. We preferred to use home whitening as this keeps the costs down and also means you are in complete control of how white your teeth go. You simply keep whitening until they reached the shade you are happy with.

Is teeth whitening safe

If the whitening is undertaking by a dental professional, then yes, teeth whitening is safe. Whitening uses highly controlled amounts of hydrogen peroxide which has an oxidation reaction to the stains in your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide can cause burns if it comes into prolonged contact with your gums, this is why a professionally made teeth whitening tray by a dental professional is the only way to safely whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening is sometimes undertaken by beauty therapists. The problem is that sometimes your teeth the dark because they have a layer of tartar over the surface of them. If this tartar isn't removed before teeth whitening, then all that will happen is that the tarter becomes white. The immediate whitening effect might be good, but the tarter will pick up staying in a matter of days and everything will return to its previous colour. Only a fully trained dental health professional is able to adequately remove this surface layer from your teeth to ensure it is actually your teeth which are whitened

How to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth

The only safe way to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth is when it is included in professional dental gels. These are highly regulated to ensure the hydrogen peroxide dose is enough to whiten teeth but not enough to cause severe burns. You should never attempt to use home bleaching products to whiten your teeth. This can result in burns as well as loss of life, in extreme circumstances.

Can you whiten a dead tooth

Yes. Although it does rather depend on how dark the truth has become. It is possible for a dentist to white and a tooth from both the inside and outside. If the tooth has become particularly dark then a combination of techniques may be best, firstly the tooth can be whitened internally and externally and then a veneer placed over the surface to match with the surrounding teeth.

How to get rid of tooth pain or sensitivity from teeth whitening

If you are using home teeth whitening products and sensitivity is particularly bad first thing to do is to stop whitening. Usually it will then take a couple of days that the sensitivity to settle down. If you have prolonged sensitivity then you might like to try a sensitive toothpaste. These have active ingredients which block the tubules in the surface of the teeth which transmit the sensation down to the nerve, they can therefore help to reduce sensitivity.



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